Informal economy untapped source of market intelligence

Author: ANZETSE WERE (BusinessDaily)

The role of the informal economy or Micro and Small Enterprise (MSEs) in driving Kenya’s, indeed Africa’s, economy is increasingly being recognised.

The 2016 MSME survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics revealed that the sector contributed about 34 per cent to GDP. Furthermore, about 90 per cent of employed Kenyans sit in the informal sector.

It is therefore a puzzle why this sector is not recognised as an expert reservoir of knowledge on purchasing habits as well as consumer and market intelligence in the country.

The reality is that most Kenyans buy and sell goods and services in the informal economy. A report on retail in Africa by Deloitte in 2015 indicated

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The Hard Problem of Data Analytics in Africa

Author: Jeff Fletcher (itnewsafrica)

One of the attributes of really good technology is that it hides the complexity of what goes on in the background, while still being useful. Depending on how old you are, you may remember having to set up a TV by selecting UHF or VHF with a little switch and then slowly turning a dial until a picture appeared out of the fuzz. Then you’d adjust the “bunny ears” aerial, and twiddle the tuner again to see if you could make the image even better.

Modern TVs will do this all automatically for you. You choose an option in setup menu, and every nearby TV station is picked up and assigned to its own … Read More