Market & Social Research

Social Media & New Technologies in Data Collection – Survey and Research.

Mobile Data Collection

Disruptive technological and social changes have brought about both challenges and opportunities for survey and market/social research. The emergence, popularity and everyday usage of new technologies like mobile devices and social-media has rendered ‘traditional’ techniques of conducting surveys ineffectual.

To capitalize on the opportunities afforded by these changes, we continually investigate and develop solutions that harness new technologies and methods, including analysis of social media data, development and usability testing of mobile-first survey designs, Google analytics, crowd-sourcing platforms, geo-location services, and wearable technology.


EthosCollect is our in-house app and web-designed data collection tool based on OpenDataKit – open-source software for collecting, managing, and using data in resource-constrained environments. It allows the collection of data online and offline.

 EthosCollect (like KoboCollect etc) is quite handy for primary data collection during emergencies and other challenging field environments.

Our Research Services

  1. EthosR&D : (Research & Development): A process of creating new products or improving existing ones. It involves;
  • Idea generation
  • Product screening – choosing the best idea
  • Concept development – turning the idea into a finished product
  • Prototype development – a working model
  • Feasibility study – determining viability of the prototype
  • Test marketing – to gauge the consumers reactions
  • Launch – after putting in place the 4P market mix {Product, Price, Promotion, Place(distribution channel)}

2. EthosAUDIT : Brand Audit and Strategy

  • Brand Audit – describes and evaluates the current state of a brand and its effectiveness. It is the first step (diagnostic tool) in brand strategy development.
  • Brand Strategy – is the long-term marketing support for a brand to increase its visibility; the How, What, When and to Whom you plan on communicating your product/service.

3. EthosSEGMENT : Market Segmentation and Positioning

A typical product can usually be segmented into 3 to 5 personas that regularly buy, use and maintain the product/service. We create a persona definition for each type including all their demographics; age bracket, gender, technology, environment, education, job group etc. The persona concept helps product sales team focus on the specific problem of a type of consumer, and also helps marketing managers easily connect with them when they are ready to buy.

4. EthosASSESS : Performance Improvement Framework / Assessments

It helps in improving the quality of your decisions; Needs assessments, Impact assessments, Employee satisfaction studies, Consumer satisfaction studies, Competitors intelligence, Environmental scanning, Quality standard assessments, Ad tracking etc.EthosASSESS involves;

  • Assessments – Identify Needs, the gap between current and desired results. Analyze needs and potential solutions. Decide which course of action will best achieve desired results.
  • Plan – Analyze and design a strategy
  • Act – Develop and implement the plan
  • Monitor – Measure, learn and improve the plan
  • Evaluate – Measure, report and use the result findings.

5. EthosPLAN : Project Planning and Management

It’s stating how to complete a project within a certain time-frame, with defined stages and designated resources. The initial activity is usually Baseline Survey – this provides a comprehensive characterization of a phenomenon in a project area so that later changes in its attributes can be measured. A marker for comparing the future status during and after project intervention.

EthosPLAN involves;

  • Setting measurable objectives
  • Identifying deliverables
  • Planning the schedule
  • Making supporting plans
  • Implementation and M&E

6. EthosPOLL : Public Opinion Polling, Awareness and Events Analysis

An opinion poll is a scientific survey designed to measure the views of a specific group, concerning a particular policy /event / service / product or political candidature.

Psephology – is the statistical study of elections and trends in voting. We offer;

  • Branding, profiling and polling services.
  • Competitive (Opponents) Intelligence.
  • Votes mapping, analysis and strategies.
  • Campaign management services.

ETHOS provides an all-inclusive consultative and pre-election, election and post-election services to our clients. The clientele includes Aspirants, Parties and Institutions involved in National General Elections, Organization Elections, Trade Union elections etc

We aim to develop election and campaign strategies and techniques that assist election candidates and/or political parties win elections. This we do through research, to identify and analyze; opponents SWOT, voters behavioural pattern and voting trends in the electoral area during different elections, challenges currently faced, reaction and perception (positive and/or negative) to different topical issues etc.

Our strategies and techniques are tailor-made to fit different candidates, regions and environments, and are easily adaptable to suit the fluid atmosphere during the campaign trail.


We employ various Research methods;

  • Surveys:Surveys provide a means of measuring a population’s characteristics, self-reported and observed behaviour, awareness of programs, attitudes or opinions, and needs. Repeating surveys at regular intervals can assist in the measurement of changes over time.
  • Panel Studies:A panel is a group of people who represent a target market and are recruited and pre-qualified to participate in market research studies on an on-going basis.
  • Experimentation: a study in which an intervention is deliberately introduced to observe its effects.
  • Projective Techniques / Motivation Research: are used to understand the inner feelings, emotions and subconscious attitudes of the respondents to chosen stimuli.