Psephology Рis the statistical study of elections and trends in voting.

We offer;

  • Branding, profiling and polling services.
  • Competitive (Opponents) Intelligence.
  • Votes mapping, analysis and strategies.
  • Campaign management services.

ETHOS provides an all-inclusive consultative and pre-election, election and post-election services to our clients. The clientele includes Aspirants, Parties and Institutions involved in National General Elections, Organization Elections, Trade Union elections etc

We aim to develop election and campaign strategies and techniques that assist election candidates and/or political parties win elections. This we do through research, to identify and analyze; opponents SWOT, voters behavioural pattern and voting trends in the electoral area during different elections, challenges currently faced, reaction and perception (positive and/or negative) to different topical issues etc.

Our strategies and techniques are tailor-made to fit different candidates, regions and environments, and are easily adaptable to suit the fluid atmosphere during the campaign trail.